Who We Are

The Justice Studies Association (JSA) is a not-for-profit membership association established in 1998 to foster progressive writing, research, practice, and activism in all areas of criminal, social, transformative, and restorative justice.

Members include scholars from all academic disciplines and fields of endeavor, activists, and practitioners of justice from around the globe. They seek through their actions, practices, writing, research, and everyday life to explore and develop social arrangements and ways of life that promote justice without violence and restore people to wholeness through interpersonal as well as social structural change.

The association sponsors an annual conference during the last week of May or first week of June for members, friends, and associates to share their latest work, pose questions and seek answers to pressing, contemporary issues of justice. Conference presentations are generally brief so as to maximize opportunities for discussion and the free exchange of ideas. Most sessions are plenary in nature in the hopes of fostering a greater sense of community and solidarity among participants.

The association also takes public stands on current issues of justice internationally, such as the death penalty, in order to affect change in the attitudes and behavior of people as well as in institutional social policy.


Justice Studies Association (JSA) is an international not-for-profit membership association established in 1998 to:

  • foster writing and research about, the practice of, and activism for, justice without violence;
  • provide venues in the form of an annual conference and a journal of progressive thought to tackle pressing issues of criminal, social, restorative, and economic justice;
  • foster a sense of community among scholars, activists, and practitioners of justice interested in creating a global community in which the needs of all are met; and
  • welcome scholars from all disciplines to think and write about issues of justice from an interdisciplinary and global perspective.

As an international association, Justice Studies Association seeks to effect personal and structural change in social arrangements that harm people by denying them their needs and to articulate ideas that will effect change in social policies that meet the needs of all. In this sense, JSA is a radical alternative to existing academic associations and societies whose interests and questions-asked are largely determined by the parameters of the nation-state and globalizing market.