Planning Your Stay At The Conference

Wednesday evening reception

Tentatively planned for 5-8pm at the Ministry Center on NAU campus. A fun way to start the conference with delicious food, conversation, storytelling, and cultural performances.

Thursday luncheon

Here will be awarding the Chomsky Award to Klee Benally with his discussion following. Lunch will include a buffet of Native American food in the Gathering Room of the Native American conference center.

Thursday evening

Viewing of Klee Benally’s film with the cast at the Ministry Center, tentatively set for 6:30-9pm. We will watch the film, have popcorn and drinks and then do a Q&A with Klee and the cast.

Friday evening Dinner and reception

Awarding of the advocacy award to the Repeal Coalition with their response and a keynote from Luis Fernandez. Dinner is from Simply Delicious (a local all natural restaurant). This will be at the ministry center as well.

Other extras

Various advocacy groups will be tabling in the hall outside the gathering room at various time throughout the conference so members can network with them. We will also have a display of an art show of CIP (children of incarcerated parents) artwork. This will feature CIP drawings mixed with quotes from interviews with CIPs in Northern Arizona.

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