Annual Meeting of the Justice Studies Association

“Water, Sounds, and Justice on the Ground:

Intersecting Lives and Social Transformation”


Wayne State University

June 1-3 2017


Places around Detroit to see

Detroit Institute of Arts 

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

The Heidelberg Project

Arab American National Museum

Hart Plaza

Belle Isle Conservancy

Motown Museum


More things around Detroit

Call for papers

This year our meeting will emphasize the struggle for justice around healthy food and water. We will also celebrate the use of music and the arts toward social transformation. As always, we welcome work devoted to promoting transformative, restorative, social, economic and political justice in all areas of our lives – from the local to the global. The 19th Annual meeting of the Justice Studies Association (JSA) will be interdisciplinary as is our understanding of groups, families and individuals who face socio-economic dilemmas. We strive to address forms of inequality and injustice in our work, teaching, and scholarship, understanding how troubled conditions may also engender a sense of insecurity. During the conference we will explore various aspects of these concerns, as we collaborate, share, and teach one another. JSA embraces inclusivity and welcomes presentations from teachers, activists, professionals, and community members on justice, teaching strategies, research findings, personal experiences, and artistic expressions. The organization remains oriented around aspects of criminal, restorative, and transformative justice.   JSA ALSO CONTINUES TO WELCOME PRESENTATIONS ON: – Recent developments in restorative and transformative justice – Theoretical and empirical understandings of crime, justice, and law – State and corporate crime – Prisoner rights and mass incarceration – Social inequality across various social institutions   You may submit a paper abstract or propose an entire panel session. JSA encourages your creative modes of presentation, including but not limited to video, photography and interactive sessions.

Please send your presentation or session information with a 200 word (maximum) abstract electronically to the program committee:

by March 10, 2017

All submissions must include your name, affiliation, and contact information on the abstract page.