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Contemporary Justice Review - Justitia

Contemporary Justice Review is an interdisciplinary journal for scholars, practitioners, and activists around the globe who seek to explore new models and demonstration projects of justice that reflect just social arrangements at the local to the international level.

CJR Editors give special attention to cutting-edge articles on:
—social and restorative justice theory and practice;
—peacemaking criminology;
—community building as harm prevention;
—structural alternatives to nation-state and corporate violence;
— peaceful methods of conflict resolution and problem-solving;
—environmental justice;
— prisons and prisoners watch;
—human rights watch;
—crimes of the nation-state and globalizing market;
—issues of justice in the family, school, and workplace;
—nonviolent, needs-based solutions to needs-denying and power-based social arrangements; and
—critical perspectives in all areas of criminology and criminal justice.

The journal reflects a variety of formats including scholarly articles; electronic roundtable discussions among scholars and activists; interviews on social and restorative justice; narrative histories on crime and punishment; film reviews and book reviews; and justice-watch statements on timely issues that affect the quality of life around the globe.

The editors prefer articles written in engaging and accessible prose which avoid academic jargon. They also look for work that offers insights in how justice might be fostered, created, and maintained in daily life situations.

Queries about submissions and journal information should be directed to Editorial Associate, Kayla Martensen, University of Illinois-Chicago and
Editor-in-Chief, Randall Amster, Georgetown University.

Email: contemporaryjusticereview@gmail.com

Justitia - Membership Newsletter

Justitia is the official newsletter of Justice Studies Association. At present it is published once a year, in mid-January. Each issues usually contains a central theme.

JUSTITIA WINTER 2008 Newsletter
[pdf fromat]

Justitia keeps members up to date with JSA activities and plans, and describes actions, thoughts, and interests of those practicing, studying, teaching, and seeking to understand restorative and social justice. The 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and the new 2008 editions are available online (in PDF format.)

Anyone wishing to contribute items of news or short essays on timely topics should contact Justitia Editor, T. Y. Okosun. The deadline for materials for each issue is November 1 or by agreement with the editor.

Justitia Newsletter Editor:
T. Y. Okosun
Northeastern Illinois University
E-mail: tokosun@neiu.edu



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Justitia: the official newsletter of Justice Studies Association
Justitia: the official newsletter of Justice Studies Association